The oldest beer brand in Japan

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About Seibei Nakagawa

Sapporo was founded in Sapporo – Japan in 1876 by Seibei Nakagawa, who was trained in beer brewing in Germany. From the beginning, Sapporo has been chosen by many beer lovers thanks to its delicious taste and advanced production process.

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The first Japanese researched beer brewing technology in Germany

After 7 years of poverty in England, Nakagawa went to Germany and met Shuzo Aoki. Aoki saw the potential of beer drinking culture in Japan and encouraged Nakagawa to research the beer brewing process. With Aoki’s help, Nakagawa worked at the Berlin Brewery in Fürstenwalde in 1873, where he learned Western beer-making culture.

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With a strong passion for quality, Nakagawa devoted himself to perfecting the technique and became Japan’s first officially certified brewmaster.

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Japan's first beer brand

The image of the North Star in the middle of the Sapporo beer brand is inspired by Hokkaido pioneers.

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1886 - 1888

Establishment of Sapporo Beer Company and birth of Yebisu beer brand

In 1886, with the establishment of the Hokkaido government, the factory was renamed Sapporo Brewery and sold to a private company. In December of the following year, the factory was acquired and established Sapporo Beer Company, laying the main foundation for the development of beer production in Japan.

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Sapporo Beer becomes the industry leader

Sapporo Company achieved great success in the beer sales industry thanks to locating a new production factory in Tokyo. By 1905, the company held the number 1 position in Japan’s beer industry

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Ginza Beer Hall opened

Ginza Beer Hall is located on the first floor of Ginza 7 Chrome building. The beer shop has received the love of many people from past to present. This place will be recognized as a cultural heritage in 2022

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The company's name was changed to “Sapporo Breweries Limited"

Thanks to the revival of the Sapporo beer brand, sales skyrocketed. In 1964, the company changed its name to Sapporo Breweries, Ltd., marking 88 years since Kaitakushi Brewery officially opened. The company’s star symbol is famous throughout Japan. The unification of the brand and company name opens a new chapter in their history.

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Restoration of the Yebisu Beer brand

In December 1971, Yebisu Beer, the main premium beer brand of DaiNippon Beer Co., Ltd., was relaunched on the market after a 28-year hiatus. With a team of dedicated technicians, we brewed beer from 100% barley, without additives, creating a delicious beer brand that was first sold in Japan after World War II.

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The best-selling "Black Label" brand was born.

To meet the wishes of beer lovers, our beer company has researched technology to preserve the fresh flavor of draft beer after bottling. Thanks to that, the Sapporo Black Label bottled beer line was born and has become a popular product to this day.

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Birth of the brand "Sapporo Premium Beer"

In 2002, Sapporo Premium Beer was positioned as a brand exclusively for foreign markets.

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Established Sapporo Vietnam Brewery in Long An province

In 2011, Sapporo became the first Japanese beer maker to open a factory in Vietnam. Sapporo Vietnam Co., Ltd. started brewing beer and received high praise from locals, leading to expansion to other regions such as Thailand and Singapore.

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Sapporo Premium affirms its position with excellent taste

By further promoting the traditions and experience accumulated over more than 130 years in Japan, we are committed to bringing customers the Sapporo Premium beer of the highest quality.

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